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About us

— Comfort and quality first of all.

Kateryna Dronnikova and Elvira Aliyeva always dreamed of creating comfortable women's clothing that would look stunning at any event.
This is how the Bant Atelier brand appeared - a brand for women who want to feel confident, seductive and stylish in every situation. We use the highest quality fabrics and pay great attention to detail.


"I always had problems finding things, things with a soul, things of high quality at a reasonable price. Therefore, together with Elvira Aliyeva, we decided to create our own brand."

— Kateryna Dronnikova


— Why exactly Bant

We create our things with love and care.

BANT -it:

  • Capsule collections that you can choose for any event.

  • Only high quality materials.

  • Love for details

We know the main problem of all women - a lot of clothes in the closet, but nothing to wear. That's why we developed capsule collections, where things are perfectly combined with each other. You can mix them for a flawless look.

— Elvira Aliyeva

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